Mr Brian Webber, 86, of West Heath was injected with the approved drug, making the grandfather the first patient in Birmingham to receive it from a GP practice today.

Mr Webber said: “I’ve been a patient at West Heath Surgery for 62 years, and I feel very privileged to be the first person to receive the vaccine. I didn’t feel a thing. It's been a very hard year for all of us, probably the worst Christmas of my life. Hopefully everyone can get this vaccine, so restrictions can ease and we can get back to seeing each other and seeing more of my grandchildren and family.”

Our surgery will act as the host practice for eleven surrounding GP practices, with nearly 1,000 patients already scheduled to receive the vaccination by Thursday 17th December.

Following the government cohort announcement, all of the first batch will be administered to patients aged 80 and over and frontline NHS staff.

We await the date for its next delivery, but we’re keen to get through all the cohorts, with over 75- year-olds the next highest priority of patients.

Nirmal Vora, Managing Partner here at West Heath Surgery, said: “Everyone in the NHS has watched the science unfold over the past eight months and research and regulatory teams work around the clock to get the vaccine into circulation before Christmas. We are really excited we can now join the national effort, by helping get the vaccine into patients
starting with the most vulnerable.   “It wouldn’t have been possible to roll the vaccine out so quickly without the support of the other GP practices involved in the scheme and assistance of those working on the vaccinating programme at NHS Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group. Everyone’s dedication to patients, and ability to find another gear during this pandemic despite being under extreme pressure already this winter continues to amaze me.”



Pictured: Nurse Alice Boyes and Mr Brian Webber at West Heath Surgery today. Mr Webber was vaccinated at midday.

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