Can’t attend surgery but need to see a doctor?

 We can arrange home visits for:
  • known housebound patients
  • patients with medical conditions that make it impossible to attend practice

Wherever you can, please contact us before 11.30am on the day you’d like a home visit. We try to make all home visits on the same day we get requests for them. Please note though, any non-urgent calls we get after 11.30 may not get visits until the next day.

Home visits are at the discretion of the on call doctor. The doctor who may wish to speak to you before agreeing to visit. This will help gauge the urgency and nature of the problem.

Please do not ask the doctor to visit unless you/ the patient is too ill to come to the practice.

In most cases, the practice is the best and the quickest place for doctors and nurses to see their patients. Our professionals can access all the patient’s records easily and have all the practices’s facilities at their disposal. Even if the patient has a temperature, rash, sore throat, etc., coming to the practice will do no harm.

Information for Home Visits

When you request a visit, please give the patient’s:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number
  • The reason for requesting the home visit

If you feel the problem is urgent, please make this clear to the receptionist. This information helps the doctor to plan his calls and allow urgent requests to be dealt with promptly.

Please note that even though the practice is open after 6.30pm on weekdays and over the weekend, this is a limited service and we are unable to provide home visits. If you require a home visit after 6.30pm or over the weekend please call 111 who will triage your request and arrange for a doctor to visit you at home.