NHS Funded

The practice operates using NHS funding, in a financially transparent, stable and sustainable way. This ensures that we consistently deliver the highest level of care possible to all of our patients.

GP Earnings

This figure is before deductions such as; pension, medical indemnity fees which for a full time member of staff costs £7150.00 per year, GMC fees which costs £435.00 per year and BMA membership which costs £436.80 per year. They also have various statutory body membership fees to pay before they are able to work in certain medical specialities. In addition they have to pay training fees to ensure they are up to date and to enable them to provide the services our practice offers to you.

Did you know…

The NHS provides the practice with £80.59 per patient to deliver a whole year of care.

This is fantastic value when compared to:


£264 for a basic sky TV package for 1 year


£156 for the cheapest 4g mobile contract for 1 year


£180 for a haircut every month for 1 yearr


£1549 for a 10 a day cigarette habit for 1 year